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Diamond Attire

Nike Repel Run Division Vest

Nike Repel Run Division Vest

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Nike Repel Run Division Vest

Offering lightweight, water repellent coverage, the Nike Repel Run Division Vest in Action Green/Reflective Silv features an all over splatter print to stand out from the norm

and make vour own wav.

The Nike Repel Run Division Vest uses a woven fabric with a smooth, water repellent finish for a comfortable feel in any weather.

A back pocket can stow the vest, making it easy to carry if you no longer need it, while side pockets can work as hand warmers or storage.

Reflective design elements shine brightly in any available light. Great for picking up streetlights, a passing car's headlights, or your running partner's torch, they make you more visible to others when running in low-light conditions, such as during dawn and dusk.

Please note that this product is not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment..

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